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Mar 28, , RC200 and RC250 are centerless tube polishing and abrasive belt grinding machines which make finishing, buffing and mirror polishing in.


MIRROR GRINDING MACHINE I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago It used the working principle of the machine.

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Mar 6, , This video shows how to setup a mirror grinding machine for fixed-post grinding, also known as spin grinding or spinning After setup, you'll see.

Horrific footage shows hungry PIGEONS sucked into

Oct 12, , Hungry pigeons were sucked into a grinder at an industrial mill in Russia after , One-by-one the birds are pulled into the machine

NOW HOW DO WE GRIND THE MIRROR - and how do we figure out how to get the , When lenses and mirrors are made by machine, this variation has to be.

Constructing grinding and polishing machines

Introduction Mirror or lens grinding by hand can be a labour of love: great fun at , workshop of David Sinden where he saw a simple grinding machine that had.


The mirror grinding machine (left) was accquired as surplus from the University of Glasgow Observatory and was in quite a poor state when it was first inspected.

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Hand grinding takes several days • Grinding machines designed to create exact same pattern • Can adjust stroke, positions etc

It is confirmed that the 3-μm-size diamond grinding without on-machine truing is feasible to fabricate the precision and mirror freeform glass along with the tool.

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There are many reasons for grinding your own mirror Either you want a unusual size, or focal length, or to satisfy your curiosity, or to have the "pride of.

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For many years the Springfield Telescope Makers have held mirror making , surface on a mirror

Innovations in mirror making have been directed towards flattening the glass , in optical grinding machines, which use abrasive liquid plus a grinding plate to.

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Aug 29, , I've spent an unbelievable amount of time getting to this point, and without the use of my grinding and polishing machine which is described in.


Types of Mirror-o-matic machin The Machin Types of Mirror-o-matic machin Mirror-o-matic documentation Documentation Mirror-o-matic.

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The BENTELER flat glass grinding machines convince due to their optimal grinding results based on precision, speed and process reliability All machine typ.

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Mar 4, , Basically there are two types of grinding/polishing machine The 'traditional' type which involves the mirror rotating at a relatively slow speed.

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The mirror or lens grinding machine is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering It has several gears in mesh at all times and also has several variable settings.


I have a Mirror-o-maticmirror making machine that I swapped with MikeMS for a Newtonian telescope that was no use to me With this I have so far attacked a 6".

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Model of the machine imagined by Leonardo da Vinci to grind mirrors Model of the machine imagined by Leonardo da Vinci to polish mirrors In the early 17th.

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A history of polishing machines

Indeed, between and , he imagined machines to grind and polish telescope mirrors, which, at the time, were made of bronze Unfortunately, it seems.


I have a Mirror-o-maticmirror making machine that I swapped with MikeMS for a Newtonian telescope that was no use to me With this I have so far attacked a 6".

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Sep 26, , Instead of lapping the blank by hand, Laurie Hall built this mirror grinding machine from scratch His site has notes covering his mirror creation.

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I borrowed a few ideas from the Mirror-O-Matic mirror grinding machine, particularly how to mount the turntable on top of the pulley Anyone building machinery.

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A telescope mirror requires an extreme surface precision , will see that this quality is most of the time best achieved by hand rather than machine polishing , Mark the larger holes with a Sharpie and continue grinding until those are gone.

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Mike Lockwood's Home Page for Telescope Making and Mirror Making , testers, Interference test setup, Small grinding machine, Large grinding machine.

Whimsical Mirror Grinding Machine Cartoon

Porter always seemed to be sketching something, and in this illustration he created a Rube Goldberg style mirror grinding machine, with a.

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Orbital polishing machine with buffing belts for grinding and finishing operations on straight, bent and shaped parts with round, oval, elliptical or irregular section.

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After having made five mirrors by hand, I decided to build a mirror making machine I did a google search and arrived soon on Dennis Rech's 'Mirror-O-Matic'.

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When I decided in after a ten-year break to get into mirror making again, it quickly became clear to me that I would need to construct machine, as hand.