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Degree Mills

Sep 23, , Degree mills and accreditation mills mislead and harm , review used by higher education to scrutinize colleges, universities and educational.

A report from Verifile Accredibase

revealing the global diploma mill hotspots We investigate the new generation of bogus universities, taking a closer look at University Degree Program and.

No Third Degree for Diploma Mills

Mar 18, , No Third Degree for Diploma Mills , Oregon lists Hamilton University as a "substandard institution" whose degrees are illegal for use as.

Degree Mills

Nov 14, , One man's degree mill is another man's alternative university And nobody seems to want the government stepping in to evaluate doctoral.

Diploma Mills/Accreditation Information

Choosing a College or University in Higher Education.

Psst Wanna Buy a PhD?

Jun 25, , Armed with a list of suspected diploma mills, a pair of Chronicle , State each operate an offshore university that awards an array of degrees.

List of unaccredited institutions of higher education

This is a list of colleges, seminaries, and universities that do not have educational accreditation In many countries, accreditation is defined as a governmental designation Degrees or other qualifications from unaccredited institutions may not be , Some unaccredited institutions are fraudulent diploma mills Other institutions.

Staff with 'diploma mill' PhDs were hired on

Nov 13, , BSU was reportedly partnering with Lifelong College

Jun 3, , A diploma mill (also known as a degree mill) is an organization that awards academic degrees and diplomas with substandard or no academic.

College Degree Scams

Legitimate colleges or universities — including online schools , Diploma mills grant degrees for “work or life.

Number of bogus 'degree mills' on the rise

Mar 9, , Britain is the European capital for bogus universities with more than twice as many unaccredited institutions in the UK as genuine ones.

From Diploma Mills to For-Profit Colleges and

From Diploma Mills to For-Profit Colleges and Universiti 507 these items for reasons beyond amusement The attempt to say that these products are just for.

Major arrests over 'biggest' global degree mill

May 28, , Allegedly, the software business was just a cover-up for the degree mills Charges of money laundering have been added to the charge sheet.

Diploma Mills and Accreditation

Dec 23, , Here are more helpful resources on accreditation and diploma mills: , Michigan's list of unaccredited colleges and universities (PDF).

The Worst Dropout Factories and Diploma Mills

Jun 18, , The Worst Dropout Factories and Diploma Mills: Is Your School on the , But schools with similar student bodies, including Averett University in.

Diploma Mill Calling: Continuing Ed Without the Ed

Jul 30, , Our message was forwarded to representatives for “Felton University” and “Glenndale University” A Felton diploma would cost $2,000, minus a.

Universities to watch out for: The A-Z lists(Degree

An extensive guide to active, emerging and recent degree mills and officially unaccredited universities, compiled from original research by the.

Uncovering the multi-million dollar fake degree

Jan 12, , By trade, Gollin is a physics professor at the University of Illinois He first became interested in degree mills after being spammed with offers of.

Essay on diploma mills

Jul 2, , Diploma mills are almost as old as the university itself Scott McLemee wonders why there isn't more scholarship on the real problem of fake.

Diploma mills deserve their own rankings

Apr 5, , Best Hometown Player: Suffield University Several directories of known diploma mills list this school “operating illegally in Connecticut.

Diploma Mill Seeks to Fail Student Again

Jan 10, , BBB serving Greater Maryland warns against pursuing an online degree with Wilford University or other fraudulent "diploma mill" sit.

Congress taking aim at diploma mills

Aug 12, , In another case that made headlines, the Pennsylvania attorney general sued the owners of a diploma mill called Trinity Southern University in.

Degree Mills: The Impact on Students and Society

teaching, research, and service to the university and society— must be assessed, although the , Degree mills are impeding the efforts to assure quality in.

Universities to watch out for: The A-Z lists(Degree

An extensive guide to active, emerging and recent degree mills and officially unaccredited universities, compiled from original research by the.

Unaccredited Universities

This is a list of colleges, universities, and other institutions that do not have , Others are diploma mills that mislead customers and grant fake degre This list is.

'1,000% unacceptable': Marketplace confronts college

Sep 16, , Marketplace's investigation of Canadian diploma mill customers looks at a , degree in computer science from Almeda University is phoney.

LinkedIn Is Filled with Fake Degrees

Oct 21, , In his book on diploma mills he suspects that about half of the people , Almeda University in Idaho is a particularly shameless example of an.

Western Governors University Reviews

Western Governors University Reviews , This place is essentially a degree mill that isn't interested in a student body that needs to expand their skill knowledge.

Degree Mills from States

Apr 24, , Combating Site-Based and Distance-Based Degree Mills - Suggestions , This list of state universities and colleges is provided by the State of.

Axact fake universities and diploma programs: A

May 19, , On Monday, the New York Times published a masterful exposé of Axact, the Pakistani company behind hundreds of sham diploma programs.