hindle type grinding machine

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In his turn, Hindle replaced the drive pin by a frame (1), called alligator, that holds the disk by its side , Figure D : double-cranked Hindle-type machine.

Constructing grinding and polishing machines

Introduction Mirror or lens grinding by hand can be a labour of love: great fun at , the Hindle-type machine, and is a design based on the machines developed.

Mirror Grinding Machine Setup

Jun 19, , Hybrid-Hindle grinding/polishing machine for telescope mirrors and lens.


I also built another machine of the same type Also a Hindle type machine for a southern firm to grind and polish 125" mirrors Later I sold them my two machin.

20" mirror grinding log

I thought it might prove interesting to amateur telescope makers the following log in grinding a 20" mirror Because I used a Hindle type grinding machine, the.

Capacities & Equipment

External Grinding: Erfurt SA6U - Manual Grinding machine with in process measurement Max work piece diameter 600 mm Max length mm.