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“Made in Germany” embodies the meticulous attention to detail and pride , Today, three roll mills made by EXAKT are in operation , EXAKT 80 E in action.

Anode fabrication for solid oxide fuel cells: Electroless and

Jun 15, , The performance of SOFC anodes is linked to the length of the triple , ink was homogenized using a triple roll mill (EXAKT, 80E, Germany) for.

Thermal, rheological and electrical analysis of MWCNTs

Carbon Nanotubes dispersion was carried out using a three roll mill (Exakt 80E, EXAKT , Germany) The masterbatch was first diluted with uncured epoxy.

In Situ Exfoliation of Graphene in Epoxy Resins: A Facile

Aug 19, , NG contents were prepared using a three-roll mill (80E EXAKT , Germany) The process was done in three steps: (i) the NG powder was.


Easy to use and clean, accurate and safe, EXAKT Three Roll Mills deliver excellent results, , The process character and equipment layout of EXAKT Three Roll Mills is precisely geared towards this , EXAKT 80 E and EXAKT 120 E - 250 Three , It stands for solid engineering and accurate processing »Made in Germany«.

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Nov 14, , Exakt 50EC three roll mill (1 x 10 µm) Exakt 50EC , 45, Hamburg, Germany , 50EC, and 80E) of different gap size , The authors would like to thank Exakt Advanced Technologies , Norderstedt, Germany, for.

Manufacturing of Three-dimensionally Microstructured

Mar 12, , Three-dimensional (3D) microstructured composite beams are fabricated through the , Three-roll mill mixer, Exakt Technologies, Exakt 80E.

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The Electronic model (E-model) EXAKT 80E is a feature-rich three roll mill that combines the flexible technologies of production mills with state-of-the-art control.


80E PLUS , Three Roll Mills, Ointment Mills or Thin Section Cutting Technology , EXAKT systems achieve the best possible results It guarantees the highest accuracy, quality and reliability "Made in Germany" to users around the world.

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Torrey Hills T65 Three Roll Mill Lab Model, Exakt trade-in option available $12, Buy It Now or Best Offer The fast roller runs at 432 RPM Variable.

Graphite Nanoplatelet Modified Epoxy Resin for Carbon Fibre

Jan 16, , A three-roll mill (TRM, 80E EXAKT , Germany) was used to in situ exfoliate and disperse NG in neat epoxy resin without hardener to.

Understanding the Relationship between Ink Rheology and Film

improved porosity and particle connectivity which in turn increased the triple-phase boundary , by homogenizing using a triple roll mill (EXAKT 80E, Germany).

Effect of Cathode Contacting on Anode Supported Cell ,

Such mixture was homogenized in an Exakt 80E three roll mill (Exakt Advanced Technologies , Norderstedt, Germany) The LSCF ink was brushed over.

Multifunctional intercalation in layered double hydroxide:

Jan 13, , In a three-neck round flask equipped with an iso-baric funnel, , epoxy matrix using a refined three-roll mill (EXAKT 80E, Germany) for 30 min.

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Buy and Sell Used 3-Roll Mills at Bid on Equipment and Save Up To 50% Off the List Price! , - LONG XIN Three Roll Mill - 10in X 27in, Model S260.

Soft Nanocomposite Based Multi-point, Multi-directional

Jan 25, , Finally we implemented a soft, three-dimensional human-machine , was dispersed by three roll mills (80E, EXAKT, Germany) in four stag.

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Jul 9, , Three Roll Mills from EXAKT achieve superior results in the processing of medium to high viscosity suspensions Targeted and controlled.

EXAKT Three Roll Mills

EXAKT is a global manufacturer of precision three roll mills used to process medium to high viscosity suspensions , Whether it's homogenizing, deaerating, or grinding, three roll mills fulfill different requirements simultaneously , EXAKT 80E.


EXAKT news , the LOPEC (the leading exhibition for printed electronics) in Munich, Germany The 80E was showcased at the LOPEC Demoline and during live , For the first time this year we represented our Three Roll Mills for the fine.